oRTP: oRTP API documentation
oRTP  0.24.0
oRTP API documentation

Initializing oRTP

see ortp.h documentation.

the RtpSession object

see the rtpsession.h documentation.

Managing PayloadType(s) and RtpProfile(s)

see the payloadtype.h documentation.

Sending and receiving telephone-event (RFC2833)

see the telephonyevents.h documentation. To get informed about incoming telephone-event you can register a callback using rtp_session_signal_connect() or by registering an event queue using rtp_session_register_event_queue().

Managing several RtpSession simultaneously

see the sessionset.h documentation.

Parsing incoming rtcp packets.

The parsing api is defined in rtcp.h (not yet documented).


oRTP comes with a set of examples in src/tests.

  • rtprecv.c rtpsend.c show how to receive and send a single RTP stream.
  • mrtprecv.c mrtpsend.c show how to receive and send multiple RTP streams simultaneously